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Tell us....

1. Why are you interested in ILSM?

2. Are you now or have you been in the military? (if so what branch and what rank held, discharge date and MOS?)

3. What town and county you are in?

4. Do you have a VALID FOID or CONCEAL CARRY LICENSE?  (if the answer is no can you get one?)

5. Any skills sets that you believe will come in handy once you have joined the ILSM?

6. Highest Level of Education COMPLETED?

So you want to join us?......

What we do…                               What we are NOT!!!...

1) showing up to meetings and training times, held twice a month.
2) any kind of charity function as a militia member.
3) sending emails, sharing Ideas on private group FB page.
4) responding to a natural disaster as a rep. of ILSM member.
5) contacting state reps on gun issues.
6) attending demonstrations
7 range time with another member.
8)constructing road maps or other needed documents.
just what ever as long as it is militia related.

1. we are not a hate group by no means
2. we are not anti law-enforcement
3. we are not anti government we believe in a constitutional government
4. Not a racist, sexist or any other kind of

we believe in the constitution and focus on the 2nd amendment.

we do not practice, plan, talk of, or train to do any illegal activities. such as converting weapons, making any kind of explosive or chemical devices of any kind. ANY one discovered doing, talking, planning, or teaching these things will be banned from any and all militia activities on the spot. we don't even joke about this at all. those things only can lead to the fall of us all.

      We are a ACTIVE militia. Before you decide to join think about this. We are physically in our community helping wherever whenever we can. We also are spending time calling our state reps when house bills are being voted on, teaching the public about firearm safety and facts. We have a large and well thought out communications network as well as emergency/disaster routs and safe zones and evacuation layouts. If you join this means YOU are now ILSM and you are going to be participating in this too. we offer a great security and safety layout for you, your family, members and community but with that it means you must do your share.

If you cant fulfill this do not join. we can only do what we do with active participation.
If some major emergency such as total collapse happens and the day you joined was the last i seen or herd from you. don't bother showing up to safe areas we cant and wont help you. we depend on each other.
If you say you have to much going on attend functions due to work, well so do we. Make time. Sleep 2 less hours a week if you must. we do this for protection and security for our family's you only get the benefits if you did what you could to contribute. We know some can do more then others but all can do something. We only ask you to do the best you can but not less then averaging 2 hours a week.  

You are required to put in a minimum of 2 hours weekly to maintain membership. the 2 hours include but not limited to:

We want to make this point very clear....

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